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Buy a Local Hero a Meal!

$6 Meals!

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The Shark Shack loves to acknowledge our local heroes! 

(Police Law Enforcement, Fire Dept, Ems 

& active duty military).

We appreciate these hard working citizens

who strive to keep us safe on a daily basis!  


As a Thank-You, we offer them an 

"Appreciation Menu."  This consists of a hearty meal & soda/tea for only $6.00! because their service never stops-

we offer this special all day, every day!

Want to treat a hero to lunch?  

customers can "Pay it Forward"

by pre-purchasing a $6 Meal. 

this offer never expires, is available on a first come first served basis and is gifted anonymously from valued customers like you! 

We believe this is a fun and unique way of thanking these hard working citizens for their every day sacrifices! 

(see below for details)

Accepting donations NOW!

 To Donate:
Save a Trip, and donate electronically!
Send me an email by clicking the  button below.

How it Works:

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You gift $6.00

We offer the gifted meal to a local hero

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A full and happy local hero!

More Information:

1.) You must be in uniform and working that day in order to receive the gifted meal. (Military Discount available when not in uniform or off duty.)

2.) This gift is only available for active service members. 

3.) All gifted meals are anonymous. 

4.) Only ONE gifted meal per day/per hero. 

5.) Gifted meals can be purchased individually or easily added to your order.

6.) The Shark Shack does NOT profit from 

undistributed gifted meals. They don't expire.

Thank you

for helping us make our Local Heroes feel Loved and Appreciated!

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